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Kesha - Warrior - Submitted by Batf*ck

It is only fitting that my first review is this album. Great job being alert Bats. You earned this one. This chick has been in the news a lot lately for trying to get out of the hands of that f*cking prick of a manager she has. I've actually only heard one of her songs, or at least I think so. My memory says it's that "Tick Tock" song and I hope for the state of my mental health this album is made up of better songs than that.

First tracks to me are very important. Title track starts off this album. To tell you the truth, it isn't that bad. Not my cup of pop but still not horrible. Then the second song started and I realized that I actually have heard another song by Kesha and it happens to be this one. I think I heard it in the car of my very club going and party animal friend who f*cks super models. Is this the key to f*cking super models? Kesha? Should I start blasting this album at intersections in the hope of a bunch of big titty women jumping in my passenger seat? Nah, I'll take my dignity and do things the old fashioned way, hope some beautiful women like bearded nerds with Nirvana shorts on who sit at the end of the bar.

Here's something I don't like already. Her choruses aren't that bad. It's that thing she does in almost every song I've heard so far. She's kind of rapping but not really. How do you describe that? It's not singing, yet not talking, yet not rapping. I'm not into it.

There's a lot of autotune on this thing. I wish I heard what she actually sounds like.

Lyrics so far have been very angsty. She just wants to go out and live the way she wants. That's nice. I'm glad you have a lot of money and yet you're still complaining about not being able to have fun. Ughh. I told myself that I wouldn't skip any songs but this is getting hard. I actually didn't mind the first/title track and now things have gotten horrible. Bats, are you really into this? You're serious? You're not just being funny/not funny? To each his own I guess. Let's see if this gets better.


I like some of this "Crazy Kids" track. She just ruins **** with that not rapping thing. Just sing bitch.

IT'S IGGY POP!!?? What??? This better be good. Okay, I like this. It has a lot to do with Iggy but I do like this. Not bad.

Looks like we finally have track where all she does is sing. She has a decent voice. There should be more tracks like this but in the end, it really isn't that good of a song. I guess I was just begging for something less party.

Supernatural is the best track on this album. Great breakdown in the middle of that thing. I'd actually listen to this song again.


Okay now I'm just waiting for this album to end. So much meh after that nice track. "Out Alive" at least has some energy to it. The last five or so songs were just boring. Almost done. It's actually been less sh*tty than I thought it was going to be. Some decent tracks.

And it's done. It ends with a track we've all heard during our 8th grade dance. Bleh. Overall it was a bit of a chore. Sorry Bats, you didn't win me over. There were some decent tracks and one very favorable one but it just didn't land with me man. At least now I have the power to claim I listened to a full Kesha album. The chick definitely needs to sing more and stop with that white girl rapping thing. It just doesn't sound good.


Fav Tracks - Warrior, Dirty Love, Supernatural, Out Alive
Recommended Listening - Grimes, Oh Wonder

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