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Leonid Fedorov, Vladimir Volkov, John Medeski & Marc Ribot - Razin, Rim I Lev - Razin, Rim I Lev - Submitted By Grindy

I love John Medeski so this should be a pleasure. I'm not familiar with Fedorov or Volkov but Marc Ribot is f*cking awesome. I'm a huge Tom Waits fan and the dude basically helped Tom find his sound over the last few decades. This should be great.

Album is already off to a bang. The vocals, while not exactly my bread and butter, are very fitting for this type of instrumentation and I'm really digging it. The third track "Battle" is very influenced by Ribot's history with Waits in my opinion. I could see this being a track on one of his albums. Very dark and brooding.

Vocals sound very balkan. Let's wiki this voice. Nope. Russian. In a way, I should have known that by looking at the name.

Okay, the last two tracks have been fantastic. Lots of driving guitar and bass. The vocals are starting to really mold into the music and I honestly really dig it.

Love the darkness on this so far. The intermittent pluckings of a banjo and violin really add to that sinister and dark folk sound. Really neat. Even the more somber songs on this album are very good.

I was waiting for a weird track. Got it. Aptly named too. "Torture". What the f*ck is this guy saying? It sounds like he's conjuring up a demon.

Some really nice guitar work on this last track here.

Excellent submission grindy. I want more stuff like this. I'll be going back to this one. Great guitar work and vocals to produce a generally haunting yet energetic gypsy horror dream. Loved it.


Fav Tracks - Morning(Underway), Division of the Loot, Dance
Recommended - Tom Waits, Teho Teardo, Masada

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