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"Good Songs You Haven't Heard"

Slightly presumptious title. The contents of the playlist probably aren't going to gel well with the tastes of musicbanter frequenters.
It's mostly a bunch of my favourite artists (some exceptions and some missing), so I'm giving away my total lack of sophistication here
The idea was that maybe these songs are fairly obscure among both music nerds and regular music listeners.
Most tracks are from bands that aren't super well known, some are underappreciated songs from more well known artists.

Made a month and a half ago for no reason other than I felt like making a playlist.

Don't know how to best share spotify stuff (I'm using the desktop version), so here's a few ways of linking to the playlist:

This link seems to want you to log in to the browser version:

This link might work in the desktop version:
spotify:user:micmotorhead:playlist:1wwD6ZgkEYjGdaZ f1VXcqo

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