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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
I didn't have it on my computer and I'd never listened to it. Figured I might as well. There were only a couple songs I actually liked, and one ("The Ocean") that was truly great. I was not expecting it to be such ****, but maybe further listens will win me over.

But not with "Over the Hills and Far Away". That song had many chances to not make me hate it and it failed every time.
HOTH is a bit of an off-beat Zep album. They'd conquered the world with the release of their fourth album and Stairway to Heaven so they went into the studio (Headley Grange actually) and decided to just have some fun. The Crunge and D'yer Maker being 2 examples. But that album contains some of Page's best guitar work.

Listen to The Song Remains the Same with headphones and try to figure out just how many different guitar tracks (and guitars) are on it.

No Quarter is really cool. They recorded it at normal speed and then slowed the track down a semitone when mixing it. You can really hear the effect on the vocals and cymbals. Makes for a really cool vibe.

The Rain Song was inspired by George Harrison who had told Page that Zeppelin needed to write more ballads. The first 3 chords of the song are the same as the ones George used on The Beatles' Something - Page's nod to Harrison.

Eddie Kramer is quoted as saying that when they did the first loud playback of Dancing Days, all 4 of the guys broke into a spontaneous dance while listening. They actually thought of including dance instructions along with the album.

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