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Default Forum Member Showcase Database (Continued)

(Continued from OP)

Spoiler for Plainview:
The Cartridge Family (Post-Rock/Electronic)

Greed (need download pls, then I can put it up somewhere)
Silent Spring

The Deaf Aids (Experimental Rock/Ambient)

Rainbow Grey
I Have Everything But What I Want

Spoiler for Plankton:
Plankton (Hard Rock/Blues Rock/Heavy Metal)

Single Post

Spoiler for Grindy:
Watsche (Experimental/Post-Industrial/Classical Crossover)


Spoiler for Lucem Ferre:
Lucem Ferre (Horrorcore/Industrial Hip Hop/Hardcore Hip Hop)

There is Something Wrong
Psyche Ward Dance Muzek
Devils Night 2015

Spoiler for Compilations:

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