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Default How Charming (WIP)

I got the word again
Another body found instead of a
Perfect saving grace
What can I expect from this heartbreaking place?

What kind of people are we
To run flooding in our own streets?
Ain't nothing wrong with some brotherly help
But just enough to keep us unhelped

We used to be the saviors
Now we're just losers
Much like the orange bird
We're not too well known here
We had a burning sense of pride but (you've charmed me)
Now it's just stores (you've harmed me)
Take all our money (you've alarmed me)
Burn it down to the floor
You say;
"I heard the other side today"
But it's just like the other days
Falling in a raven's way
Red and blue lights in our bathroom floors, ok?
Can't get by
Without a gun today
Get outside in the pouring rain
I say;
You've charmed me
You've harmed me
You've alarmed me
But don't disarm me

I got the word today, oh no
We're not the same no more
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