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Originally Posted by WhateverDude View Post
I think a highly regulated monopoly on all goods and services would be the most fair economy. It would probably also be the death of creativity. Seems you can't solve the worlds problems without destroying diversity and culture. Conflict for the warmth of fire or some shiz.
It wouldn't be fair at all, in fact it would be your worst F'n nightmare!

Studies have shown that a great deal of people who are in the top echolons of power are either people with extremely type A, aggressive personalities, or people who are good at articulating themselves socially (ie; bull$hitters like Trump)

If you were to nationalize everything and get rid of private enterprise, you would simply allow these people to consolidate and concentrate their power at the top like they did in the Soviet Union, and there would be no escape.

At least in a capitalist society if your boss is a dick at the Home Depot you can go work for the competition, imagine if you were stuck under one big government corporation and your only chance of escaping a dick was by transferring out.

What society needs is a strong labour movement in all sectors of society to counteract the abuses of corporate power, and in today's day and age, we have to have multinational, international unions that support workers in several countries. The only way we can bring wages back up in North America, is by bringing wages up in China and Mexico. Whether you like it or not were all in this together.
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