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Default Caribé by The Latin Jazz Quintet + Eric Dolphy

The best I can Google tells me Caribe is a Venezuelan piranha; Caribé (with the accent) is the name of certain eats and libations. I don't know for sure what the eponymous track to this record, apparently recorded in 1960 and not released until 33 years later, is referring to, but like jazz fans all over the world, to me Dolphy brings to mind brilliance, uniqueness, and fun. On Caribé by The Latin Jazz Quintet + Eric Dolphy, Dolphy is showcased in a relaxed, melodically tonal format giving the listener a chance to deepen her or his understanding of Dolphy's talent and sound. Vibraphonist Charlie Simmons adds beautiful texture predating the debut release of the great Bobby Hutcherson's (RIP August 15, 2016) The Kicker, by three years. I highly recommend putting some time aside to enjoy this excellent music.
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