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Originally Posted by Frownland View Post
I wish everyone would stop being so hyperbolic. You thought that Obama was gridlocked? You aren't even ready for what's about to happen then.
Word today is that Trump is going to appoint Bannon as his Chief of Staff. Yup. Bannon. The man's who's proclaimed his Breitbart as ground zero for the alt-right movement. The man who has proudly proclaimed that his mission statement is to tear apart the current Republican establishment and replace with a firmly alt-right establishment.

In some ways the Chief of staff wields more power and influence over congress than the president does. Trump will not have to deal with any gridlock for at least his first 2 years. He met with the House today and they all re-assured him that they are 100% behind repealing Obamacare as Trump's first order of business.
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