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Originally Posted by Frownland View Post
True, but over the top studio work has kind of become a staple of prog, no?
Well yes, but then what's over the top? Hip-hop albums now have a million producers and use all sorts of recording tech. The likes of The Art of Noise and Kraftwerk used computers. Current pop music is digitally processed to death. Then there's electronic and new-wave, which used techniques prog never touched, like sampling and such, and often dispensing with guitar altogether, which I don't believe prog ever did. I imagine that yes, prog probably used what was seen at the time as new, initially more than other genres, but then other types of music caught up. Whereas just about nobody used mellotrons or Moogs in their music, or sliced up time signatures or used weird lyrics, at the time; these elements are more the kind of things I can point to as nudging prog rock along. I'm also not very versed in recording tech and its history, so it's hard to place it in the overall scheme of things. Any help you can offer in that area would be welcomed.
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