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well you can have all of it that I know

That's a link to their self titled but all their releases are free on their bandcamp too. German metallic screamo stuff, probably one of the heaviest bands I know. We all know how powerviolency screamo is by now, but this band is brutal.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - Snapshot Lamento

Well I should probably let everyone know now that this thread will have no shortage of ridiculous band names, whether really long full sentences or oblique references or just both^^^. Anyway, this is some more euroskramz, from Luxembourg this time around. Not an especially brutal band like the first one, but it's still pretty quality post hardcorey screamo, very well arranged and produced for a memorable bit of jams.

Danse Macabre - synkopenleben nein danke

Well I'm already in it this far so I'm just gonna go ahead and dedicate this post to European screamo, and there will assuredly be much more of that. From Germany again. Danse Macabre play cut and dry screamo that once again just comes out great. Honestly, I've never heard any bands playing screamo that sounded "bad". Your basic melodic kinda epic guitar work and tone, and a perfect blend of heaviness and twinklyness. Loud/soft dynamic in full swing.

The Death of Anna Karina - New Liberalistic pleasures

Italy. This is actually pretty cool/original. It's light screamo/post hardcore, with a touch of synthpunk to boot. Not for when you want brutality but these guys are really catchy and cool. It's almost like mathcore in it's eccentricity.

Battle of Wolf 359 - The Death of Affect

This has been a favorite for a long time. I saw the name and thought it was so cool (didn't know it was a Star Trek reference though). Standard screamo, loud, soft screechy, epic. But they have two of my favorite skramz songs of all time. Not here, this is their sole full length, but on a split with Kaddish. They are just great:


The Death of Affect has two tracks with different titles that are literally the same song, that's always kinda bothered me.

Corea - los peores 7km de mi vida

More original stuff, now from Spain. This band brings back the ripping heaviness, but combining non-lame post rock stuff and some experimentation and noise rock guitar. Super raw vocals. Criminally underrated since it's so top notch.

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