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^ Why not just pick it up from where you left off, at page 43 ? It's a great journal with some sharp thumb-nail-sketch reviews. In fact, you've inspired me to add reviews to my songs here. Thanks.
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Gabriele Eckart was born the same year as me, but grew up in the repressive totalitarian regime of East Germany when it was a satelite state of the USSR. During the decades of the Cold War, the lives of millions of people in East Germany were blighted by poverty and paranoia, controlled by the loathed Stasi police, with their sham justice and their insidious, blackmailing recruitment of spies. "The ratio of watchers to watched was even higher than that of the Soviets under communism."

Remarkable, then, that Gabriele's book of short stories, Hitchhiking, often has a light, resigned but almost optimistic touch. (That attitude was partly forced on her, of course, as being the only way to get her work published, by charting a fine line between artistic honesty and what was politically permissible.) Anyway, in one story from 1982 a local accordion player, Uncle Benno, gets drunk at a village wedding before playing the traditional song, Mein Vogelbeerbaum (My Rowan Tree) :-

My verdict: I imagine this version of the song, recorded about ten years ago by Dorfrocker, doesn't much resemble Uncle Benno's version, but this video clip does a pretty good job of re-invigorating a traditional song. For the curious, Dorfrocker seems to be a boy-next-door boyband formed in 2005, but as their webpage is in German, we won't know more unless Grindy translates for us: DORFROCKER
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