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Default What Music Means To Me

OK so I posted my choice of songs for a soundtrack in Mell`s Soundtracks thread & I felt like doing some writing as it`s been a while since I wrote anything of note. And this seemed like a good idea.Anyway after 3 hours of writing decided that it deserved it`s own thread as it had become much bigger. So anyway , here`s why those songs I chose ARE the soundtrack to my life and what music means to me.....

Part 1

The Fall - Neighbourhood Of Infinity
This song is my favourite at the moment, so when I hear this songs in the future it`ll remind me of all the things i`m doing now.
This song reminds me of - Now

13th Floor Elevators - Slip Inside this House
When I want to be alone I usually go for a walk around the cliffs just before dusk & watch the sunset, just to get some peace & quiet & to think about things.Usually i`ll be listening to some music as well.One day I was doing this when this song came on & it just seemed to capture the moment.So I just looked out to sea , watched the sunset with this song playing , then carried on walking feeling relaxed & calm.
This song reminds me of - Sunsets

The Specials - Gangsters
When I was very young one day my Dad came home with a box of singles he had found that had not been claimed. He`d not heard of any of the bands in it & as i`d just recently been given my first record player he gave it to me to see if there was anything I liked. I opened it up & found loads of bands i`d never heard of , P.I.L. , The Specials , Siouxie & the Banshees , Bauhaus , X Ray Spex , The Sex Pistols , The Damned. Basically loads of punk , new wave & ska singles. Before that I only had a handful of singles , most of the stuff I listened to belonged to my parents. They wern`t the sort of people who bought albums so I was unfamilier with the big rock bands of the day. But what I did have was a vast array of pop singles from about 1962 to the present day , my mothers love of british pop such as The Beatles , The Kinks , The Stones & her love of 70s Glam rock , my dad with his early rock n roll singles , but no Elvis (Elvis was a banned word in out house as far as my Dad was concerned Buddy Holly was the true king of rock n roll.)This box of singles was the first music I remember listening to that my parents weren`t familier with ,so in that respect this was the beginning of my own taste in music.
This song reminds me of - Discovery

Oasis - Acquiesce
Rolling Stones - Stray Cat Blues

I`ve put these songs together for a reason.The Oasis song reminds me of 1996 , a very happy time in my life.I was going out with a great group of friends (sometimes as many as 20 or 30 of us would all meet up & go pubbing & clubbing)It reminds me of watching England in Euro 96 in a crowded pub full of football supporters , rather than watching them at home with my Dad.It reminds me of Pubs , Clubs , Alchohol , Girls , Sex , Hangovers , Drugs , Partys , Great Friends , Debauched Saturday Nights and stories that will stay with me forever.
The Rolling Stones song is the flipside of that.It reminds me of waking up after a night out & going for a walk on a Sunday morning to clear my head & remember the night before armed with only a personal stereo and my 2 hour Stones compilation to wake me up , clear my head & prepare me for the day ahead.
This song reminds me of - Saturday Nights / Sunday Mornings

Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps
A few years ago a my best friend got a couple of hundred thousand quid inheritence when his father died.He decided he was going to spend the money travelling around the world which he did.Every so often i`d get a stupid phone call from him at 3am with him drunk on some beach somewhere the other side of the world.He offered to pay for me to go with him but I refused , he was already paying for a bunch of people who had suddenly become his best friends & the thought of travelling around with this bunch of hangers on made me sick.After about 18 months he moved to Amsterdam & one Christmas Eve he phoned me & invited me & a couple of others to stay with him over his birthday, 2 days after new year I was there.He`d been there about 6 months & couldn`t beleive what his lifestyle had become.He was living in an apartment above a porn cinema which would have been really nice had it any heating at all.He was dating some prostitute who seemed hell bent on working her way through every penny he had.And then there were the drugs, you could not move for them.I tried to ignore all the bad stuff and try & help him enjoy it and most of the time he did, but you could see something was wrong.While staying there Massive Attack`s Mezzanine album was constantly on the stereo & reminds me of the time I spent in Amsterdam , the drugs , the parties , the girls dancing on tables spraying champagne , walking along the canals in sub zero temperatures eating chips in the snow , watching my best friend kicking a cashpoint machine when it swallowed his card due to all the coke he`d chopped out with it , having phones thrown at me during a fit of his drug fuelled paranoia when I tried to talk some sense into him, 24 inch pizzas and pretending to be asleep when the landlord came hammering on the door demanding 2 months rent.He ran out of money a few months later & all the hangers on vanished.I asked him over a drink if he regretted it , he said no. He said he thinks it a shame he pissed all his money away but he wouldn`t change the times he had for the world.
This song reminds me of - Amsterdam

Radiohead - A National Anthem
The first time I ever travelled to a gig in the UK by myself was in 1993 to see Guns n Roses.After that it was 10 years until I travelled there again just to see a band.Then I saw Radiohead were touring & tickets were on sale the very next day.I decided instantly that i`d missed out for too long & the following day snapped up a ticket.When I saw them I was waiting for them to play this song desperatly & when they did play it it sounded f*cking awesome.I made a decision there & then to make at least 2 trips to London a year to see bands.
This song reminds me of - London

Nick Drake - Northern Sky
I remember one birthday I had just after a really bad break up, sitting in bed around 10am , sunlight streaming through the curtains just feeling totally miserable and sorry for myself .Looking at the phone & knowing that I wouldn`t hear it ring once nobody was going to wish me a happy birthday & I was going to be spending this birthday alone.So I just went over to the stereo put this on & just lie in bed listening to it , not wanting to move not wanting to get up & do anything & just went back to sleep.This was probably me at my lowest in my life , but at least I had Nick to keep me company.
This song reminds me of - Loneliness

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
I got into this around the time I left school & felt that I could relate to it so much.Leaving school was the biggest anti climax in my life , I just finished my last exam walked home & turned the TV on and that was it. No big goodbyes no big parties. Just 'OK you`re done here now f*ck off & get a job'. The whole song gave me a feeling of 'this is it you`re an adult now'and I was sh*tting myself not knowing what to do or how I would cope or how I would react.It was like suddenly I was in the real world & it scared the sh*t out of me.But I made it.
This song reminds me of - Becoming An Adult

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