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The soundtrack to my life... (That’s Urban for taken this, everyone he improved on my good thread idea, come over here)

April Wine – Tonight is a wonderful night
From the time I can remember my father always played his records. I was the only one to like his music. He always played the good stuff to that I still enjoy today. Like Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. But April Wine’s – tonight is a wonderful night touched me. My father would play this song whenever he would play his records just for me. My family wasn’t loving by any means, but he new at that point that I would love music just as much or more then him. So he would put that song on and I would dance, jump simple cute little kid jumping around dancing. That song is mine and my father’s song. There’s more to this story but I won’t go on, gets way too long.

Sunny Day Real Estate – Shadows
This song alone make’s me think of everything. I go back in the past think about the future. It’s really the song that I listen to a lot lately.

Elton John - Tiny Dancer
This is the song that made me love old Rock N’ Roll music. I grew up listen to really great 50’s. 60’s, and 70’s great music, but it’s the late 60’s and most of the 70’s rock bands that got me loving music. And this song is one of the great songs that pulled me in. in my own time as a kid (and secretly now) when I’m alone and just need a break from the stress and just want to zone out into a wonderful place, I will play this song and as soon as it gets into the course I just fall apart and live in that song its great what this dong has and still does for me.

Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
This is also a song from when I was a child; this song brings back two memories. One from growing up in my house hold where my father was a drug dealer thus me growing up in a bad environment. And the second memories which was built on because of my past. I became heavy into drugs for a while, started off with weed then it wasn’t enough anyone I wanted something to really release me to get me inspired and to maybe get rid of the hurt. I wanted to rid of the pain because I grew up so bad. Comfortably numb is just a song that explains how I felt when I was 15 – 16.
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