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crappie dance music from the late 80’s early 90’s and also a few bands that were making one hit wonder’s when we were kids. And I swear was our song, we listened to that song all the time, and we even recorded our selves singing it on tape it was so cute. When she left to go back to England we swore we would always be friends. We lost contact a few years back and I haven’t stopped thinking about her, she was my best friend even back then when lives were great, but I know if she stayed we still be attached at the hip, at least that’s what I want to imagine it would be like.

Boston – More then A Feeling
OMG! This song is not that great. When I was just turned 15 I started to hang out with older people that were in there 20’s and well that’s when I got into drugs and what not. Anyways we all had this bad taste in 80’s one hit wonders, and for some reason this song that came out in the late 70’s always managed to get on our burnt cd’s and its so funny, me being drunk or stoned driving around with my friends trying to sing to this song. Just good memories of when I hung out with that group. It was a ****ty drama part of my life when it comes to outside of my family, but it was also the best time of my life so far.

Guns N’ Roses – Rocket Queen
After I got into Bonjovi I got into this band and well after hearing November rain and don’t cry this song was just there standing out.. it was rock n’ roll and then goes soft and amazing at the end, this whole song just caught my ears attention and I love it. The lyrics are amazing; I can’t get over how many great songs are out there. Well this song just made me love and respect this band, I honestly think if it wasn’t for this song I wouldn’t have liked that band. But this band I worshipped in the early 90’s yes that’s right I was rather young and loved them. But I had no love in my life, so what do you think music did for me.

John Lennon – Jealous Guy
My father number one, was a very jealous man over any guy that he sold drugs to. If they so much as looked at my mother he would freak out later wondering if she ****ed him. And two my latest ex boyfriend he was a ******* actually looking back just like my father, even down to the dealer part. (probably why I was with him, comfort parts he felt like home after what I grew up with) and three my father loved John Lennon as do I.

Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train
Ok this song for some reason makes me think of the first guy I dated a month before I was 15, we would always go in his shed to make-out and for some reason every time we did on the radio dreamer would come on by Ozzy. So then after that ended I started to get more and more into Ozzy Osbourne, I never got into him as a kid because I never really like Black Sabbath although my father loved them. So my father never really played Ozzy Osbourne because he liked him better apart of Black Sabbath. So I think differently and loved Ozzy Sense I first heard Dreamer. And my favorite song by him is Crazy Train and Goodbye to Romance

Eric Clapton – My Father’s Eye’s
This song is just great, its not even one of my favorite’s of his, but I’ve always liked the lyrics, and how well he sang it and got into it at concerts I seen on TV, I always liked Creamas a kid, my father also loved them, but I never really got into Clapton until I heard this song and then went back and listened to his old solo stuff and loved him always ever sense, and also got really into The Yardbirds which then got me really into led Zeppelin a lot more then I already was, and started me on my road to having mad sex dreams of Robert Plant, and then meeting a guy in my town that if he grew out his hair would look just like Jimmy Page.. Yum yum!
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