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Everyone is laughing at how Trump is handling these intelligence agencies, but just wait. I think everyone is forgetting that you do not mess with the CIA. Call it a conspiracy theory all you want, but it's been more or less accepted that the CIA at the very least covered up - let alone took part in - the Kennedy assassination. Kennedy was screwed when he refused to provide additional support during the Bay of Pigs operation (the CIA's brainchild) and ousted Dulles as a result of the fiasco. The CIA was also happy to work with the mob until Kennedy took an active role in hindering them. There is also the popular belief that the CIA may have baited Nixon into breaking into the Watergate after even they realized the futility of the Vietnam war and he refused to end it.

If Trump proves to be more than just a nuisance for them, expect reprisals - even if that reprisal is a fabricated report of Trump's collusion with Russia.
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