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Originally Posted by hobojesus
I've only just noticed the comment he made. Some people do take things seriously here. Okay then, I'll close this thread, you go create it, and we'll see how much of a change that makes. Or I'll change the name of the thread to "Best decision in the past 2 months." Some people get really protective over MB. It's a forum-not yours, not his, not hers, everybodys. I'll post what I think has been the best decision made on MB, and you post what you think has been the best decision. What are you going to do, close the thread? Oh, sorry, I forgot that you can't-I'm not breaking any rules. So therefore, if I'm not breaking any rules, it's okay. You haven't been on the forum since THE VERY DAY IT STARTED, so if I can't pass judgement, then neither can you-an even greater decision than the one you have suggested might have been made before you arrived on the seen. You are being hypocritical, when all you need to do is answer the question or not. So just sit down and shut up.

I wasn't personally attacking you. Take it easy. I'm merely stating that not having been here for very long, you don't have the proper oversight in order to truly state the best decision. If you think the best decision was the banning of someone than you should have mentioned something about how moderators didn't recieve such power till almost July '04. Without that decision, "alex7" would still be on here. But you couldn't know that being here as short as you have been.

And you're right, I haven't been here since the beginning. Only since Feb '04. So saying "we" probably wasn't the best choice of words. But you overreacted. That's all.

and don't tell me to shut up. It's a forum. No talking happens.
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