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Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
But seriously, being able to talk to and share with you guys is great, so thanks again. Didn't mean to be so dramatic; I'm sure people have bigger worries. But is is very much appreciated, you should all know that.
Originally Posted by Qwertyy View Post
same here. sometimes i'll start reading a journal entry, take a break, and then come back later to finish it. still the most enjoyable and engaging writing on the site though.
Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
TBH I try to read all your ****, really I do, but sometimes I just gotta skim. Nothing against your writing style -- I'd prefer long winded enthusiasm to concise robotism any day -- I just have the attention span of a retarded gnat.
Originally Posted by Neapolitan View Post
As variety-seeking journalist, nothing pains me greater than seeing the trite response tl;dr.
Thanks, gents! I have a bit of exciting member journal news for you.

I'm putting together a second member journal with much shorter entries. These will be tales of retail/corporate hell as related by a well-spoken Victorian gentleman who's diary entries share tales of his experiences with suburbanite white gangsta coworkers, white supremest bosses, and tales of tech support assistance he's given to elderly technophobic employees.

The juxtaposition of my dramatic, flowery, and formal speech with their stupefying ignorance should make for an entertaining read. I've got a stockpile of idiotic interactions saved from the last 10 years of hell, so I should have a steady flow of new content each week.

I'll give it a go and see how it works out.
Originally Posted by Chula Vista View Post
You are quite simply one of the most unique individuals I've ever met in my 680+ months living on this orb.
Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
You are to all of us what Betelgeuse is to the sun in terms of musical diversity.
Originally Posted by Exo_ View Post
I wish I had enough room to sig this entire post. You sir are a true character. I love it.
Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
You, sir, are a nerd's nerd.
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