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Verse 1
What is your religion?
Is it se-x or music?
Do you worship at the altar of rhythmic beats?
Do you say a pray for electric guitars and violins?
Is your Bible full of parables or interesting lyrics?
Do you study the teachings of Jesus
Or practice soul and funk?
Do you spread the message of the gospel
Or pass out concert flyers?

Verse 2
You're always sad and tired in a vibrant city
A city full of dynamic colours and exuberant sounds
A kaleidoscope of rainbows and intoxicating grooves
The bass is, unfortunately, missing from your mind
I, however, shall not skip a beat
I'll dance within the rays of the sun
And swing along with the moonlight
I won't clop the blue drop
Withering away like a neglected plant
I'll participate in soul revivals
Learning good notes from past eras
And remixing them with current styles
Remastered and repackaged
Delivering it to the people in the streets
And in their quiet fortresses

Verse 3
You take everything
Then discard the parts that don't fit in
If it smells like trash
And gives you a rash
Eliminate it from you
If you're frightened, if you're anxious
Then it's not right for you
Burn the old garb
Put on clean attire, then begin anew
The rest if your life is yours to have
It's waiting for you
Pack your bags with lyrics, instruments and a song or two
The masses are weak and desperate
They're waiting for you

They say it's going to be epic / They say it's going to be divine / But I won't know until I sense it / In my flesh and bones / I must take a stand / I must move / I've got to be carried away with music / This is my religion / It's the reason I laugh / The reason I breathe day in and day out / As mysterious as galaxies / Full of infinite possibilities / Like a drop in the ocean / And a star in the sky / This is my religion

You walk into every room feeling lost and blue / You don't know what to do / Haven't got a clue / Your mind is stuck like glue / When you reject all the hues / You don't know what to do / Haven't got a clue / But I do / I do

Written by B. (Sunday, July 17, 2016) Copyright 2016
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