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Patsy Cline ‎ Showcase

1. What were your VERY FIRST impressions on listening to the album, say from the first five minutes in?
Classic country music from an icon of the genre.

2. What did you think of the opening track?
One of the greatest songs of the genre.

3. What did you think of the next track?
Upbeat country pop.

4. Did you like the vocalist? Hate him/her? Any impressions?
One of the best female country vocalists of all time, perhaps THE BEST female country vocalist of all time.

5. Did the music (only) generally appeal to you, or not?
The music is OK but it's nothing more than average without Patsy Cline's vocals.

6. Did the album get better or worse as you listened to it?
It really couldn't get any better than the opening track.

7. What did you think of the lyrical content?
Above average for the most part.

8. Did you like the instrumental parts?
See #5 above.

9. What did you think of the production?
Sounded very good to me.

10. Did you know of this artiste prior to listening to the album, and if so, did that foreknowledge colour your perception of this album?
Yes. She's an icon of the genre. Didn't alter my perception of the album, though.

11. Is this, generally, the kind of music you listen to or not?
Not often, but when I'm in the mood for some country, Patsy Cline is right up there at the top of my list with the likes of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Billy Joe Shaver, and Willie Nelson.

12. Assuming you listened to the album more than once, on repeated listens, did you find you liked the album more, or less?
I've heard these songs so many times already, I can't say that repeated listens would change my opinion one way or the other.

13. What would you class as your favourite track, if you have one?
3 favorites... I Fall To Pieces, Crazy, Walkin' After Midnight.

14. And the one you liked least?
I liked them all.

15. If the album in question is a debut, did that fact allow it, in your mind, any leeway, and if so, was that decision justified or vindicated?

16. Are you now looking forward to hearing more from this artiste, if you have not heard any of their other material?
Unless some unreleased material surfaces, I've already heard everything she ever recorded.

17. Were you surprised by your reaction - positive or negative - to the album?
Not at all. I had the same reaction to it the first time I heard it.

18. Did the album end well?
The last track wasn't one of my top 3 favorites from the album, but I thought it ended well.

19. Do you see any way the album could have been improved?
Nothing I can think of at the moment.

20. Do you think the album hung together well, ie was a fully cohesive unit, or was it a bit hit-and-miss?
Yes, I thought it held together very well.

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