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Originally Posted by Zer0 View Post
I really enjoyed Ten Love Songs. Her vocals tend to go a bit over the top for this kind of electropop but I found that album refreshing to listen to. I'm looking forward to a new album from her sometime soon.

I completely agree about all of that, I'd argue though (not that it's important) that most modern commercial pop singers (I've heard) sing "under the top" aka not extravagantly enough.

Susanne has that kind of soaring vocals vibe when she wants, which I absolutely love. She belts quite difficult vocal leaps (in Ten love Longs, at least) without out any audible strain and with mighty power but keeps the subtlety. Which isn't easy to do.

As far as lyrics (cause the music is all round great), she takes on a lot of similar themes that we all know: sexuality, relationships, loneliness et all in such a personal and poetic way.

Probably my favorite "pop" singer, love her!
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