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Default what? a new song? from rar? WHAT!?!?

that's right, it's been like 2 months since I have penned something. I'm a tad rusty and this is simply a rough draft, but I'm trying this new thing called "rhyming" not sure what it is though. (by the way, the majority of this is screamed with the "I'm starting too" bit sung and the subsequent verse screamed)

Indiana Jones Would Be Proud

All that I’m left with is all that I’ve tried to forget
Of memories and daydreams, of people and places I’ve been

I run through these hallways and up to these altars with a bag of sand (held in each hand)
The shelves hold their files and all the meanwhile (this hole in my chest wasn’t planned)

I’m starting to, feel like everything I’ve tried gave up and just died
So how are you, acting like everything I’ll hide is another rope I’ve tied

I’m starting to, realize that hope is not a friend but a means until the end
So how are you, pretending that faith is a God-send not rules made to bend

This is our final hour
This is our finest hour
This our finest day
And my last chance to say

I meant not a word that you heard in the stairway that night and light will never cease
One note timeless, came out of nowhere...
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