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Default Dig Jelly - L.A.'s Alternative Rockers Release Hot New CD

For Immediate Release

Dig Jelly? L.A.'s Hottest Alternative Rockers Release New CD

2/1/06 - Los Angeles - Hot off the heels of a 45-city tour with Veruca Salt, L.A.'s hottest alternative rockers Dig Jelly are riding high in support of their new CD release For Your Inner Angry Child . The band, who's music has been described as "energetic, hook-driven, mind-blowingly, in-your-face Metal with a dose of Hip-Hop," recently signed a three-album deal with Santa Monica based label Centerline Entertainment. International distribution of For Your Inner Angry Child will be handled by IDN (Innovative Distribution Network), one of the leading distributors of independent labels in the U.S.

Dig Jelly's dynamic appeal can in part be attributed to multi-talented, Japanese-born female lead singer, Rayko, who captivatingly fronts the band. Partially produced by music industry veteran Richard Kaplan (Korn/Slipknot/Limp Bizkit), For Your Inner Angry Child has been ripping up the airwaves throughout the U.S. Likewise the band's new CD release has garnered rave reviews from fans and critics worldwide. Here's what some of the music press have been ranting:

"Their schizoid sound bounds from matinee pop to hip-hop to punk to alternative to stoner metal. No disc in recent memory can claim such a ridiculous range of styles" - Music Connection

"A perfect blend of hip-hop and heavy rock, Dig Jelly has captured the energy of their live show and detailed it out in the studio with excellent production and tight musicianship." - Song Net

"Welcome to the hard rocking non-stop world of Dig Jelly. A world of heart breaking songs and blood, sweat and tears indie rock/pop with a lethal dose of hip-hop punk, all delivered by a beautiful woman with brains, guts, mischievous angel's voice, and a body to die for." - Yolk Magazine

Centerline President Howard Lipp declares, "Look out for Rayko and Dig Jelly - this girl is on fire, coming your way to scorch you're a**!"

Dig Jelly was recently selected for the Aims Listening Post Program in January 2006. Also, the band is in the planning stages of bringing their special brand of modern hip-hop rock to Europe, with a world tour in 2006.

For more information on Dig Jelly:
Centerline Entertainment
Phone: 310-828-6040
1151 25th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90403
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