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Default Need opinions...

I'm wondering if the theme is identifiable at all or if it fails to be communicated through allusion. Any of this make sense to you or is this just one big question mark?


I don't think that I
can bleed for you
I'd much rather know
what is the simple truth
'cause I don't think I'll wait
(no, I won't wait) for your sweet suicide
I'd much rather know instead
what's behind those lies


see me standing there
hope you know I stopped to care
and if I drop on by to call
you won't need yourself at all

I don't think I can help you
so you can save your breath
and if you want me dead
you better do that **** yourself
cause I'd much rather sit and waste
than figure out which lie
is the one that's supposed to make me
break down and cry

see me standing there
as you're strapped to your electric chair
and if I let you see me cry
that's not the wind that's in my eye

(repeat verse 2)

see me standing there
I hope you know I stopped to stare
and if I let you see me try
that's not the will that's in my eye

my eyes, my lies (repeat)
People Against People

"Scientists in Taiwan say they have bred three pigs that glow in the dark."

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