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I dunno where this cover is from or how it came to be but it's stunning.

Off the bat it sounds like it's gonna be a nice atmospheric/chill album. There's a lot twinkling going on, and subtle sound experimentation that is very dynamic and interesting, but not overpowering enough to take away from its accessibility. There's some ethereal voice tracks too drenched in reverberations. I thought the ending of the track was cool. It seemed a tad basic in terms of the main beat/melody that drives the track, but otherwise is a good intro with a lot of great sound coming from beneath that. The next track gets more thoughtful with the beat action, which is also notably heavier here. More downtempo stuff carried by light and constantly changing undercurrents of sound. I'm already really impressed with that factor. It's totally experimental and floating all over indeterminate drones and other such noises but overall has a sound that anyone could enjoy.

Third track has some great things going on from the start with these wonky bleeps and cozy drones. Occasional breaks in the beat to let some positively magical textures shine through. Kinda samey with the drums in this one but it's not offensive or anything. The next track has a sorta different vibe, and I also would call it one if the highlights thus far. There's an easy going melody and beat that starts to pick up as it goes, over which is a glitchy romp of a modulated sample. The beat drops for a second while we're treated to more glitches in a nice little interlude to the second half of the track which gets back into the feel of the album from before. The flow was seamless and the horn that comes in is a real quality touch. I'd probably call track 5 one of the lower points but it's definitely not bad at all. There's some drums that sound fairly similar to others we've heard, and all in all just feels like an "in between" kind of song. It still sounds nice but that just serves as another compliment for the rest of it, there's been some amazing material so far.

Track 6 is another little one, and kinda sounds more industrial if not only in the drums which take on just a little bit more of an abrasive feel then before.

Track 7 is the longest one on the album so I'm interested in this excursion. Starts out with multiple vocal samples and liquidy atmospherics before the drums come in. Halfway through there's a really pleasant ambient break, then the main phrase comes back with some more variation in the beat.

Cracking has another new vibe, somewhat darker and more mechanical. I wanna praise the album's variety, it goes to a lot if cool places and always sounds like they're right next door even if its a fusion of stylistically differing stuff. It's eclectic and fluid. Next track actually carries on the vibe if the last. Still on the darker side (at least compared to the blinding effervescence of the rest if the album), and pretty heavy drum beat.

Tekamine brings some beats but I'd call it more largely an ambient fare. Those beats are interesting though in a weird way, but take a back seat to let the atmospherics drive this one. The last track is a jazzy number to take it all home.

This album really excels in the nuanced and shifting seas of sounds and drones and noises that travel beneath the main beats and melodies. I could've said something like that for every track but I feel like I'd be repeating a lot, but yeah, the music throughout the entire album is sprinkled with constant coolness that's stream-like nature keeps it from ever getting stale. Up front we have completely pleasant and accessible melodic, lush and varied electronica, and it's all mixed into a soup of psychedelic and experimental soundscapes and odd/quirky noises. It's a really cool work even if it's nit necessarily the kind of music I rep all day. Highly enjoyable, and a good display of electronic virtuosity and musical ambition.

Makes me think there's at least some qualities in my album you'd dig.

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