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Crashing sun, the only other details I can draw from it are:

The last 4 lines of the First Verse, it sounds like the other person has some story to tell and instead of letting it go to the grave with them, the speaker wishes to know what is hidden within her.

The second verse somewhat confuses me, particularly the last three lines as it seems like whatever the other person has concealed, is likely to inflict some sort of emotional pain upon the speaker. The speaker seems aware of this but wishes to know all the same, no matter how painful the truth is. Whats confusing to me is that throughout the rest of the song it's like the speaker is the strong character, the one with a shoulder to lean on, yet at these three lines it's as if the other person knows something that will destabilise the speaker.

The last chorus is interesting as it sort of finally reveals what is truly on the speakers mind. The reason he's really being so helpful...

I can gather that much from it but I can't link it all together to make it anymore accurate then my original interpretation.
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