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Default The Vinyl Thread

Chula's rant about vinyl got me thinking and while we've had a few threads over the years about this subject, we haven't had a fresh one in about four years. Since I went out to California I've discovered a newfound passion for collecting, buying, and selling vinyl records. I must have brought about 200 home and gathered about 150 since I've been home. Mostly I get them cheap as sh*t at garage sales, usually going for bulk buys. I've been either getting lucky or I'm just really good at it because I've made all my money back that I spent on all these records plus a little extra profit. I keep a lot too and have a really nice selection going right now.

Anyway, I know some of you collect so here's a thread dedicated to the hobby. It can also be a place to trade or sell records if you like. If any of you are interested, here' my discog page.

Hopefully some of you will be interested and this thread won't die in a day.
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