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1. Your taste in music is assaulted harder than the beaches of Normandy.
2. You have figured out why the Batlord is a cuck.
3. One of the british members have referred to one of your posts as a "mad ting."
4. You have seen a band go from the toast of the board to a subject of mockery.
5. Five minutes ago you said taste was subjective, but now this guy is a god damn **** for not liking the best band of all-time.
6. You have badmouthed Metallica.
7. You have listened to at least 2 ICP albums. (Not including solo projects either, pussy.)
8. You've been accused of using Music Banter as a springbroad for
10. You've messed up a good thread.
11. You've posted a stone cold gif mocking a terrible thread.
12. Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. is something you'll have to defend to the death.
13. JTF has responded to one of your posts with a "."
9. You've corrected a misnumbered list.
15. When you run a joke into the ground
16. You've started an interesting thread nobody cares about and a lazy ****post thread that bloats to become a 50 page monster.
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