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I guess it is getting to be that time in the decade where we start to look back on at the media and see what contributed to the cultural zeitgeist. A few that I can think of off the top of my head.

Run The Jewels - Run the Jewels (2013)

You can swap this one with whatever your preferred one is, but I've always liked their first album most.

My Bloody Valentine - m b v (2013)

Over 20 years in the making so the fact that it came out is pretty incredible, the fact that it's actually very good is a damn right miracle.

Darren Korb - Bastion Original Soundtrack (2011)

Not really all important to the music of the decade overall, but certainly a turning point for video game soundtracks.

Panopticon - Kentucky (2012)

You can criticize this album for being a little on the gimmicky side (I mean black metal and bluegrass music on the same album?) but it is a very well made album either taken as a black metal album, or a bluegrass album.


Probably their high point for a lot of fans (I still think III is their best work). Their covers are very well done and their original work juxtaposes incredibly well, being noticeably darker in tone and arrangement. The fact that it was released for free was a nice addition.

Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini (2010)

Definitely their best work thus far, and while their two follow up albums in 2012 and 2015 were not bad, they didn't leave as much of a mark as I felt this album did.
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