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Originally Posted by Mojo View Post
Meh, I'll get around to it. I liked TINLTL and One by One when I was a teenager. When it comes to the stuff after that, Wasting Light was decent but most of it passes me by with little opinion either way now.
I think the reason why I like One by One so much is because I was two or three when it was released - my parents played it extensively and as a result I liked it since I heard it frequently early on in my life, plus it reminds me of many car journeys I dimly remember from when I was small. If I'd been born 15 years later (2014/15), perhaps I'd really like Concrete and Gold in 2032.

There Is Nothing Left To Lose is a pretty weak album by itself, but it has one amazing song, Learn To Fly, which I think makes it quite a good album as a whole. Their first album is fairly consistently memorable and melodic, even if like One By One its content isn't the most complex of what they've written.

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