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¬¬Foo Fighters-Concrete And Gold [2017]
The Foo Fighters album Concrete And Gold wasn’t really on my raider in terms of anticipating its release. I wouldn’t call myself a foo fighters fan. I know the hit’s “Learn to fly” “Ever long” “The Pretender” “Best of you” it was never a part of my childhood and or teenager years. Actually, I listened to the “colour and shape” when I was 13 but that’s about it. I did however enjoy their single “Run” great induction to the soon to be released album. The drumming tied in with the lead and rhythm guitar is a joy to listen to. Dave’s vocals are especially noteworthy not just his guitar playing. After listening to “T-Shirt” and “Run” a great opening, I was excited to listen to the rest of the album.
As for “Make It Right” and “La Dee Da” well, let’s just say both were Definitely my least favourite on the album, I can’t help but think there is recurring formula of starting off very soft, delicate and then GETTING REALLY LOUD BLASTING MY EAR DRUMS. not really much to say other than I thought they were the weaker song’s in comparison to “Run” and “Sunday Rain” But I will get to that later... I would include “Arrows” for my least favourite however I loved the start/ verses, very entrancing, yet felt the chorus lacked the same satisfaction as the versus. then the end fell flat for me, which is a shame because I loved the tone/rhythm.
Thee Sir Paul McCartney (whom would later play the drums on Sunday rain) /Beatles influence is definitely present on “Happy Ever After”, good song with a change of pace from the rest of the album. Loved the backing vocals, just with the right amount without it sounding overkill. But the fade out at the end of the song felt somewhat out of place. Moving on to the better of the songs “Sunday Rain”, we hear the excellent drumming of Sir Paul McCartney with the addition of Taylor Hawkins [Drummer of Foo Fighters] on lead vocals. My favorite part of not only the song but the whole album is when around the half way point, the song starts to break down then gradually picks up again. My BIGGEST complaint is that the song starts to fade out just when it starts to get good. Would love to hear a 7-minute extended version, I was expecting a Beatles “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” type song, but alas…that didn’t happen. “Dirty Water” is by far the most cohesive song on the album, with a soothing flow and even when it starts to pick up at the half way point, it doesn’t lose any of the initial appeal to the once delicate, comforting track. Now a gritty arrangements of musical nirvana (Not The Band).
The Guitar in “Sky Is A Neighborhood” sounded washed out but that is just an artistic choice that I objectively dislike, as well for “The Line” well, it sounds like every song by a band in the early 2000’s, Seriously! Go and watch a playlist of rock bands in the early 2000’s if you don’t believe me!
“Concrete and Gold” is a song that I felt completely gripped by and never wanted to end, a very atmospheric song that gives you a sense on ambiance, the depth of sounds in this song is very pleasurably to listen to, although it sounds unfinished, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
I enjoyed listening to Concrete and Gold, in fact I’ve downloaded “Run” “Dirty Water” and “Sunday Rain”.
“Arrows” and “La Dee Da” being my least favourite. It’s a solid album, “Run” is Definitely a key component as to why people will be listening to this album.
I’d give it a 6.5/10

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