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Default a nail gun and bystandesr

a nail gun and bystanders
Lived by every black line
In your book of irrelevant poems
Held it closer to your heart
Than every person
you left feeling alone
Still it refuses to stop the bullet for you

Do you still question, how the rest remain so redundant?
Or are you beginning to understand
The falseness of the light shone upon your bloody hands
And that there’s no one to watch you,
Once you have pushed them all away.
Who would choose answer your prayer
When simply wait for a new beginning?

Maybe when your bodies broken you’ll understand why the smartest of us
Make coffins instead of pews, and you’ll realize why angelic voices,
Are so weathered in the ways of telling lies
As The preacher man hangs on a noose, and the clergymen hang on your every word
You fall into a song that you yourself believe
Only when its golden melody is heard.

Awake with feathers on your pillow,
Reach inside to feel the cold dead foam.
And truly this must be a sign,
That you will never ever be alone.

But while the feathers dangle by your throat,
They float nearer to your faithful heart,
And as the dream filled day comes to a close,
A nightmare night clears its throat and starts.

Post chorus
What if tomorrow never comes?

Will those bleeding words be worth it?

If that cross wont stop the bullet?
any thoughts? much appreciated
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