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The outake followup single "Soldier" actually sounds better than pretty much every song on the album, so why didn't they release it as the lead single? Instead it's been dumped onto some charity EP they've contributed to. The section that goes "Under attack... Under attack" puts me in mind of September Gurls by Big Star ("I've been crying... All the time"), albeit in a different key, with the opening sounding across between Learn To Fly and Muse, and maybe some X&Y era Coldplay. If I were to make some changes, I'd alter the production to sound slightly brighter and cleaner (think their Learn To Fly era stuff) but keep the keyboard. Then we'd have a great song, as opposed to a good song.

I think it's a pity that Soldier and Sean are my favourite two Foo Fighters songs from the last couple of years, when neither were released on studio albums - both are on charity EPs.
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