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Originally Posted by 3KingsFan
While I can't say that I share your opinion of him as a lyricist, I do hope he continues to at least dabble in the blues. Right now, the blues needs all the help it can get to remain relevent and its guys like Jack White, who have a high visibility, that can bring some attention to the blues, even if some of us old farts don't always fully appreciate the way in which it is done.
I'm pretty sure you meant keeping people listening to actual blues music, but considering that it's the basis of all modern music (excluding classical), I'd say the blues will always be relevant.

As for Jack White, he is probably the best mainstream modern musician around these days. I don't know of anyone else with the level of mainstream popularity he has that actually sounds like they're going places and realizing their full musical potential, experimenting with themselves and their audience, and keeping their sound fresh. Frankly, I'm not well-versed enough in blues music to determine whether he's the best lyricist, songwriter, or whatever, but he does write (songs and lyrics) very well.
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