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Default a long life (no thanks)

This isn’t a suicide thread it’s just a why do people fight so hard thread.

I understand there’s a primal instinct to survive and death is scary but after you’ve done the things you want to do why not just get fat and have a heart attack or get diabetes or whatever?

You ****ed enough bitches. You’ve read a lot of books. You’ve seen countless great concerts. You’ve travelled all over. You enjoyed life when you were young.

What the **** do people want with these old as **** years?

People who work hard as **** their whole lives and then think they’re going to enjoy it at 65...what a bunch of suckers. I’m glad I got mine when the gettin was good.

OK so one of my old friends is now stage 4 and the doctors are like maybe 10 years but you’re a lifer. Chemo for life. How the **** could that possibly be worth it? Even when I see someone like 70 cashiering at the grocery store I think goddamn you must really want to ****ing live. But endless chemo? Then acting like cancer can hear you. Wear a t-shirt that says “**** cancer”. **** “cancer” doesn’t care. Cure my ****ing ass.

I think most people are so pissed they wasted their youth doing some pissant job they can’t accept the end. If you can look back and say you gave it a good run then what are you going to do? Do it again with less feeling like a Who reunion concert? No thank you.

Thanks for reading.
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