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wow where did this thread disappear to? i too am in a writing mood, seeing as how i no longer have myspizzle

afi-the last kiss: im totally gonna get flamed for this, but i can relate to that song. littlebit. i listen to it a lot when im feeling blue.

armor for sleep-car underwater: another song i relate to alot whenever im in fights with my friends, which seems to happen a lot. pretty much explains the way im feeling exactly.

brand new-soco amaretto lime: this song kind of reminds me the happier times with my friends, even though its a love song...i think. just cheers me up is all.

jacks mannequin-la la lie: another friend song. when i first heard this i played it like 9 gazillion times. love it that much.

mest-until i met you: this is the song i related to most when i finally got over my crush of 6 months. those 6 months were pretty much hell for me & i was extremely pissed off at him, even though he didnt intentionally do anything to hurt me. i still listen to it every now & then whenever i think about him or am pissed off about something.

mxpx-quit your life: this is gonna be my wedding song. i dont care what he thinks.

new found glory-singled out: the ultimate friend-stabby-in-the-back song. ive listened to this one quite a lot over the past few weeks. it first helped me out with a different friend that decided to poop on our friendship. i dont really know why i relate to it so much cuz they didnt necessarily stab me in the back or betray me, they just screwed themselves over pretty bad.

plain white t's-radios in heaven: the song that reminds me of my dead friend from 7th grade. i seriously cant listen to that song or else ill cry. i always skip it.

relient k-who i am hates who ive been: innitially helped me through some stuff although now its on the radio 24/7. still deserves an honorable mention jsut because.

run dmc-its tricky: just cuz its a freaking awesome song that i cannot live without.

smile empty soul-with this knife: kind of the same reason as the afi one, kind of the same meaning as well.

sum 41-fat lip: even though this is no longer my favorite song, it used to be. it was the first rock song i really liked & converted me to rock music & out of the whole boy band stage. so theres a specialy place for that song.

the beautiful mistake-my reminder: my favorite song of all time.

the used-a box full of sharp objects: not my all time favorite the used song but pretty close & one of those songs that i could play over & over again without getting bored of it. & yes i somewhat relate to it.

dont hurt me please.
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