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Originally Posted by RJDG14 View Post
This came out yesterday, and given how much I like their earlier stuff, I'm not impressed, so I thought I'd create a poll to see what others think.

In my opinion, I'd give it only a 2/5 - it has no memorable power chord songs like those found on their earlier work (I'll Stick Around, Everlong, Learn to Fly, Times Like These, even many of their older non-singles) - this is vital in making a memorable rock/alternative album but they haven't done it, the whole think sounds kinda overproduced, and it features Paul McCartney and Justin Timberlake. What I found even more annoying was the 6 month hype that surrounded this release VS the lack of hype before their first album was released, which I also prefer.
Finally getting around listening to it in full. I will vote once I have. The songs I have heard I like. "Run" is excellent. When that single came out I got so excited for this album, but for whatever reason never got around to hearing all of it.
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