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Hello, I guess before I kick off the beginning of my top twenty-fives, I guess I should give you an idea what to expect.

For the most part my tastes range from folk, jazz, and blues in the early years to folk rock and psychedelia in the sixties. In the seventies, I tend to lean towards glam rock and punk/new wave though I certainly will have different genres from metal and r&b and even some singer songwriter type stuff.

In the eighties, expect to see more post punk and post wave as well as what was then known as college rock (REM and their ilk). It won't be as much metal and only a little bit of hip hop, but hopefully I'll still be pretty varied. Later on I'm more into indie folk and rock and even some alt-country, so it could be a slightly mellow period for me overall.

Basically don't expect a lot of metal save maybe Led Zeppelin and Queen. Don't expect a lot of country either (Johnny Cash and Steve Earle will be the main ones there). Do expect a lot of Beatles, REM, Bowie, Costello, and some others.

And of course there will be a ton of some one shot deals. Anyway, I hope you're interested in what makes the Rubber groove so to speak.

So, I'll see you here tomorrow with 1955 (I told you it would be ambitious). So be there or I'll sick my friend on you.

Sweet Dreams
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