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Default MusicBanter Emergency Contacts Database

I took this as my cue:

Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
Yeah I think we all feel this way. I keep waiting for/hoping not to hear the "Howard the Duck" announcement. Damn, I'll be so upset if that's the case. But hopefully he's just got a busted computer, power down or some other **** that's preventing him from contacting us. I wonder if there's anyone we could trust to take all our contact numbers in the case of an emergency like this? I'd like to think that if I did kick it you would all be aware of that and not be guessing as to what happened to me.

I'd nominate Lisna or Pet Sounds personally. If they wanted to do it. Or have a database only accessible by mods where we could all put our details?
This serves a dual purpose: If someone disappears, we can check in on them, or if the site is shut down for some reason, we can stay in touch.

If you're interested in being added to the list (and you trust me ) PM your contact information—phone number, email, social media, whatever—to Paedantic Basterd and me. Keep in mind that it should be something other people can access in the event of something serious happening to you. There's no point in us sending a message or making a call that will never be received.

If this works out, maybe a mod could sticky it.
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