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when i was really young.. like 8 or 9.. maybe even younger then that. My family and i were driving back from a town just outside the one i live in. and there was this large mose on the right hand side of the right then my father starts driving slower.. and there's blood going over to the left side of the road about 10 meters up the highway.. and then we see a car side on, and the ambulance was just pulling up next to the car.

i could see clear into the car.. we were stopped so they could do there job.. and you could see the moose just went right threw the center of the of the front of the car. so far that if there was a carset for a baby in the back set the baby would have died for sure, just to explain it more in depth.

i don't know if the two people in the car were ok or not. hmm wow haven't though about that in a long time.

only after seeing the accdent did i notice the signs on the side of the highway warning people about such things.
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