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Originally Posted by TheBig3KilledMyRainDog
Honestly, im kinda pissed the folk forum is a relative ghost town. I realize our demographic is relativly young, and hey, I didn't listen to folk when I was 14, but to be more fair, when I was 14 it was like...1997 and we didn't relaly have any folk to speak of, not to mention a buergeoning folk movement.

For the other loyal folkies out there, is there something we can do to move this sedintery coffin back to life?

I've tried suggesting new music, I've posted links, I've even offered to send CD's and songs to people via AIM. Can someone throw me a bone here?

"Folk is the truth."
stfu bitch, i made threads in the folk forum that you didn't bother to check out , if someone who claims to be a folk fan doesn't check out the threads in the folk forum, why would anyone else i ask you?
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