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Originally Posted by Chiomara View Post
I really wish I hadn't spent allll of my Amazon gift cards while I was sick with the flu and extremely delirious. I only managed to buy a few useful things; my other choices were a bit questionable (including: a very complicated bikini with these braided straps which I absolutely could never ever wear in public, legwarmers, roll-on body glue, gold eye glitter and not one, not two, but THREE tribal bellydancing instruction dvds. All super useful things to have)

BUT I got a crow caller, a printer (so I can finally create an enormous recipe binder), fancy boots, and a balaclava so there's that at least.
You have many distractions ready at hand if you want to knock off a liquor store.

Originally Posted by Chula Vista View Post
*rant on*


I’m not going to be ready to talk with you for a while. Re: Finances

You were contributing about $1,400 a month towards our bills the past year. Even with that I was having to take anywhere between $500 and $800
from savings every month to make ends meet. December was really bad – I have a $600 Amex bill to pay on the 15th. I’m cancelling the Amex account.
Should I keep paying your health insurance?

I figure I have about 3 months before what’s left of my savings is gone. (she took $10K when she left) I have to think about getting some home liquidators in to quote on cleaning out the house. Basically, everything except what’s in me and Mike’s bedrooms will have to go. Then I have to sell the house. I figure after paying off the mortgage, the realtors, and bills, we should end up with about $180K or maybe even less. Half of that is yours which leaves me ~$90K to start from scratch.

I’ll be lucky to get a small 2 bedroom place in a crappy area of Chula Vista. I have to stay local because of the potential work opportunities that may happen in early 2018. (knock on wood).

*rant off*

Happy New Year.
****, bro. I guess you can always share a place with Frown.
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