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Originally Posted by GunmouthGrace View Post
I know it sounds like bad grammar but it's an Irish thing: "She made that dinner and very good it was too" or "I went to see that movie and very good it was too." So you can hold your sniggers.
Originally Posted by Blank. View Post
An important message to all noobies: Leave while you can!
If only you had heeded your own advice!
Originally Posted by rubber soul View Post
It wouldn't matter. Most noobs probably won't look at the rules before they break them anyway. It was a problem at my old forum too. People just come on to promote something most of the time or to ask a question. Only a few will stick around no matter what you do.

And this thread will likely die a slow death too (though there is always the Batty/Frownland factor )
Yeah I know. But we'll see. Damnit, it's a curse being this nice.
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