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Default Attempt to get me into post-punk.

I tried to get recs a while back but kept forgetting because I had so much post-hardcore to listen to. I've decided this time why not make it an entire thread where people attempt to make me like this genre. Now that I've gotten into post-hardcore, it might be a bit easier. One useful thing I learnt from last time is s
that I find the "flanger" sound off putting.

I'm a huge punk fan, and I like a fair share of alternative rock genres. But I never really got post-punk, the grand daddy of alternative types of rock. I'd like to get a bit outside of my comfort zone again.
What's the appeal to you? What are your favorite styles and bands? What bands do you think I as a melodic punk, hardcore punk and post-hardcore fan would like? Currently, the only post punk I really listen to are gang of four and minutemen, with a bit of the contortions.
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