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Originally Posted by Maajo View Post
Some people lump the entire new wave genre in with post-punk, which may actually be accurate to some extent given new wave's emergence from the punk scene in the late 70s. I always thought of new wave as being more accessible, but the more I think about, the more I realize that they're essentially the same genre.
Post-punk is kind of an odd name. I mean, when Punk didn't really have a general sound yet we had bands like Talking Heads playing with punk bands who were considered punk too. Tetroactively we consider that post-punk. And even the ''true'' post-punk bands didn't come that much later. So that means post-punk wasn't all that post. Seems like you just had two types of punk in the beginnings, one that was doing something new, the other that was trying to bring back rock to its roots, both not caring about any traditional idea of what makes a good rock song (as one sounded different and the other was amateurish).

And then you have new-wave, which is basically just post-punk bands with a poppier sound and image, and I bet back then not much of a distinction was made. It seems pretty similar to how certain punk rock bands like the ramones were poppy, yet others like crass were noisy and aggressive. We retroactively call those (traditional) Pop punk. I guess it's just pop post-punk, really. So yes, you could basically call it the same genre. That said, I'm just theorizing and completely talking out of my anus here as usual.
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