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Originally Posted by Exo View Post

Ian William Craig - Centres

Released July 13th

Track 1. Contain (Astoria Version)
Track 2. A Single Hope
Track 3. Drifting to Void on All Sides
Track 4. The Nearness
Track 5. Set to Lapse
Track 6. Power Colour Spirit Animal
Track 7. Arrive, Arrive
Track 8. A Circle Without Having to Curve
Track 9. An Ocean You Could Only See
Track 10. Purpose (Is No Country)
Track 11. It Need Not Be Hopeless
Track 12. Innermost
Track 13. Contain (Cedar Version)
I know you said you’re not writing reviews but would you consider writing something up on this record on my Freak Fighter journal. I’m trying to get guest reviews on there.

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