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Originally Posted by cheeseman
Yes I do. I could go on about it all day
Oh great. I'm the same. I'm utterly fascinated by the guy.

I honestly thought that you were going to say that you hated him, and rate him on 'Driving Home For Christmas'.

Some people actually think that he's a 'one hit wonder', his only song being 'Driving Home For Christmas'. As much as I like this song, it isn't great.

I much prefer listening to other songs on his Greatest Hits album, including:

'Stainsby Girls',
'Gone Fishing' (my favourite song of all time),
'I Can Hear Your Heartbeat',
'The Road To Hell',

- and many others. I think that he's among the best in solo artists and has a wonderful, deep, powerful voice, and amazing talent. He also has a fantastic band to play with, and a brilliant Bass player!!

Long live Chris Rea!!!

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