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Originally Posted by [RETARD] View Post
RETARDED means that they have the INABILITY TO COMPREHEND. It is not an insult. And the official 9/11 narrative has been split to pieces for 15+ years. If you fail to comprehend, that is your problem.

Nothing else that you wrote was worth responding to. Have a good night.
That's not really the definition of 'retarded' and it's very insulting to most people, retard.

Again, you're just dismissing people that don't believe like I said you do, retard.

Nothing I wrote to you was at all worth responding to if you want to be honest, retard.

Goodnight, [retard].
Lucem, you're right, it's silly to talk about what I would or wouldn't do IRL. Glad you brought it up. Maybe you should write an instrumental about it. I recommend a piano paired with a clarinet. With ambient sounds of you hanging from your shower curtain you ****ing failure.

Art Is Dead. Buy My ****.
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