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A few months ago I had the opportunity to buy two records from a rare limited record seller. The second record will be covered in my next post. The first is Lavaland by Piglet.

I was able to get a good deal on both records if I purchased them together but this still cost me $70. Why did I spend that kind of money on a record that only has five songs? Well, good question. This is the only real "release" that Piglet ever had. They had a CD of other songs a few years back but the EP they released in 2005 is the only real official label release. This coupled with the fact that they aren't on Spotify means that this record is kind of one of the few ways to hear this album without downloading it or streaming on YT. I like that exclusivity. The EP also kicks major f*cking ass.

Some might say they have that generic Mathrock sound but I've listened to a lot of Mathrock in my day and their sound is kind of unique. I'm not even a big fan of Mathrock. I listen to a lot because I'm trying to find another band that sounds like Piglet. The breakdown that starts at around 2:30 in the video above is one of my favorite segments in any song. It reminds me of driving around in high school when I was discovering a very large amount of new music. I'd burn a CD of something that interested me and then drive around for hours listening to music, usually smoking weed as I was doing so, with my friends. We played this CD a lot.

The band members couldn't have been much older than me at the time they made this in 2004-05. That connection was also a big reason I fell in love with the album. The music spoke to me and was written by like minded same aged kids that looked a lot like my friends and I. I hear it now and get very nostalgic.

Lots of reasons to spend $70 on a record. It's limited too so as a collector I get that "ONLY 899 OF THESE EXIST BESIDES MINE HAHA I'M SPECIAL" feeling.

Check out the EP if you like. The full album is below.

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