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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
Bro, just be the lighthearted troll you were back in the day and it's all good. Just stop being mopey and even more oversensitive than usual. It sucks trying to gauge your shifting moods and then being forced to troll you when you flip out. Because of course we have to troll you when you flip out.
Believe me, that's probably something I want to work on entirely. As the years went on, I became more and more welcoming of just being straight up *******-ish and unwilling to cooperate. I mean yeah I an ******* in person but not nearly to extent that I am here. I also really need to stop trying to mistake a full on personal attack into a joke because it falls flat 100% of the time.

I turned 27 recently and I'm getting older not younger. I don't want to be seen as the guy who doesn't seem to understand sensitivity etc because I do. I'm genuinely a sensitive guy and I always try to be nice to people. It's no excuse obviously but I just want to work on it and be a part of this place again.

I've been off of social media for a few months now and it's really fantastic what it can do to your mentality. Now I just want to chill, talk music, video games etc with you guys.
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